Do you have a commercial or residential asphalt roof that is in desperate need of a rejuvenation? Contact Roof Life of Idaho for roof rejuvenation in Idaho Falls and all of Southeastern Idaho. Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we provide free roof inspections and affordable roof treatments. We know what your roof needs to handle the weather in Idaho.

Our roof treatment can help homes, apartment complexes, shopping malls, schools, and more! This safe and effective treatment will restore your roof's flexibility and waterproofing protection. Roof rejuvenation in Idaho Falls is provided with a five-year transferrable warranty.

Schedule your free roof inspection today and learn more about how you can save money and extend the life of your roof.


Jeff and Valarie Hoopes have deep roots in Southeastern Idaho. Jeff's family is from the Rigby and Idaho Falls area and he attended Idaho Falls High School. Jeff and Valarie met at Utah State University and after living around the country settled back in Southeastern Idaho in 2003. They have four kids.

Jeff thinks the best part of owning a Roof Maxx Dealership is helping people get the most value that they can out of their existing roof. Jeff enjoys helping homeowners save time and money!